3rd Workshop in Zürich,
July 1-2, 2022

Invited Keynote Speakers:
Susan Carey, Harvard University
Pierre Jacob, Institut Jean Nicod


Albert Newen (Bochum): The Attribution of Agency and Belief

Julia Wolf (Bochum): Before Belief – Knowledge and Pretence

Tobias Schlicht (Bochum): Situating 4E and PP views in the Debate about Social Cognition

Hans-Johann Glock (Zürich): The Mess Animals Make in Action Theory

Pierre Jacob (Paris): If Teleology is the Answer, What was the Question?

Fabrice Clément & Cameron Alexander (Zürich): Reading Minds or Following Scripts?

Josef Perner (Salzburg): Project Contributions to Mental Files Theory from Salzburg

Anna Krämer (Salzburg): Teleology – Good Reasons for Seeking Evidence from Developmental Psychology

Susan Carey (Harvard): The Ontogenetic Origins of Logically Structured Thought:  A Case Study of the Logical Connectives NOT, OR, POSSIBLE

2nd Workshop in Salzburg, 
January 5-6, 2020

Invited Keynote Speakers:

Caroline T. Arruda, Associate Professor, University of Texas, El Paso (USA) 

Daniel J. Povinelli, Professor of Biology, University of Louisiana, Lafayette (USA)

Eva Rafetseder, Senior Lecturer, Psychology, University of Stirling (UK)

Michael Tomasello, Director (em.) Max Planck Institute for evolutionary anthropology, Leipzig

Hans-Johann Glock
: ‘Pluralism about reasons and animal agency’

Albert Newen: ‘Beliefs in Humans and Animals’

Daniel Povinelli: ‘Why there is (still) no experimental evidence for theory of mind in animals, and why the non-experimental approaches won't provide any either’

Caroline Arruda: ‘When should we worry about over generating actions done for reasons?’

Eva Rafetseder: ‘Positioning teleology in relation to belief-desire psychology’

 Tobias Schlicht & Tobias Starzak: ‘Are affordances reasons for action?’

Josef Perner: ‘The seven virtues of teleology’

Michael Tomasello: ‘The ontogeny of reason-giving as a social process’

1st Workshop in Bochum,

Sept. 27-28, 2018


Albert Newen (Ruhr-University Bochum): The development of false-belief understanding: a three-level theory

Michael Huemer, Josef Perner 
(University Salzburg): Mental Files for representing perspective

Gergely Csibra (CEU Budapest):

Teleological Understanding of Actions

Beate Priewasser & Frank Esken 
(University Salzburg): The role of reasons in young children‘s understanding of actions

Maria Alvarez (King’s College London): Normative Choice and Moral Responsibility 

Hans-Johann Glock (University Zürich): ,Why?‘ - ,Because‘: explanations, reasons, and norms 

Tobias Schlicht (Ruhr-University Bochum): Towards a layered model of intentionality

Stephen Butterfill (University of Warwick): Pure goal-tracking-a developmental puzzle